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SIP Airmate TN7.5/270 Compressor (3phase)c/w Anti Vibs

by SIP
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Optimize Your Operations with SIP Airmate TN7.5/270 Compressor (3phase)c/w Anti Vibs: The Ultimate Solution for High-Efficiency, Low-Maintenance Air Supply

SIP Airmate TN7.5/270 Compressor Overview

The SIP TN7.5/270 Belt Drive Compressor, with its heavy-duty components and 270-litre tank, is engineered for superior air production and longevity. Utilizing finned manifolds and an aluminium aftercooler, it delivers high-quality compressed air with enhanced moisture reduction. Its oil-lubricated, belt-driven system and heavy-duty 2-stage pump ensure efficient and durable operation, making it ideal for demanding trade environments requiring consistent, high-quality air supply.

This model stands out for its lightweight, corrosion-resistant construction and oversized crankcase, which promotes better lubrication and extends the compressor's life.

SIP Airmate TN7.5/270 Compressor

SIP Airmate TN7.5/270 Compressor Features

  • Oil-lubricated, belt-driven system - Ensures efficient and long-lasting operation
  • Heavy-duty 2-stage pump - Increases durability and efficiency
  • Safety-enhanced design - Features extra-strong guards for belts and flywheels
  • Cast iron barrel - For extended service life
  • Finned manifolds and aluminium aftercooler - Reduces moisture and enhances corrosion resistance
  • Oversized crankcase - Improves lubrication
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts - Reduces noise and wear
SIP Airmate TN7.5/270 Compressor Top View

SIP Airmate TN7.5/270 Compressor Specs

Specs Features
Input Supply 400v (20A) 3-PHASE
Motor Power 7.5hp (5.6kW)
Receiver Size 270ltr
Piston Displacement 34.00CFM (963ltr/min)
Free Air Delivery (FAD) 25.00CFM (708ltr/min)
Max. Air Pressure 145psi (10bar)
No. of Cylinders 2
No. of Stages 2
Net Weight 168.00kg
Gross Weight 177.00kg
SIP Airmate TN7.5/270 Compressor Front View