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About Us

The Tool Bay Team


Hey, I'm Matt, the founder of Tool Bay Direct. After working at sea as a marine engineer for 10 years, I realised it was time to come shoreside. I loved my time away but it was becoming harder and harder to leave my loved ones.

As an engineer you spend all of your time wishing you had the right tool or equipment, this is when it occurred to me that i want to create a site where we provide the best tools and advice to people like me. We cater to the experienced hobbyist, small business and educational facilities. I am always here to have a chat about what you think will work best for your needs.




Say hello to Jayden, my co-founder at Tool Bay Direct. Before he joined me he ran a very successful e-commerce site in the luxury outdoor equipment space. He runs the storage side of the business, drawing the transferable sjills he gained in creating the perfect modular spaces

Edel & Ross

Edel and Ross are the key to what goes on behind the scenes here at tool bay direct, everything from the marketing, answering sales emails and formatting the product pages. We couldn't run this site without them!

Here’s to Edel and Ross - the unsung heroes making it all happen.

Contact Us

Phone: 01206 645100
 22 High St, Rowhedge, Essex, CO5 7ES, UK