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About us

The Tool Bay Team


Hey, I'm Matt, the founder of Tool Bay Direct. After a decade working as a marine engineer, dealing with the high seas and heavy machinery, I've collected my fair share of stories, scars, and skills. All that time away from my family got me thinking—there had to be a better way to marry my passion for engineering with being present at home. That's where Tool Bay Direct comes in.

We’re not just any engineering machinery supplier. I started this to share my hands-on experience and help you find the best tools for the job. Whether you're in the thick of it every day or fine-tuning a passion project, I know what these machines are about because I've been in your shoes.

When you reach out to us, chances are I'll be the one picking up. I'm here to offer not just a product, but my knowledge and insights to make sure you're equipped for success, all while keeping those important home fires burning.

So, let's talk tools, projects, and how to get the best of both worlds. I'm here for it, and I can't wait to help you bring your vision to life.




Say hello to Jayden, my co-founder at Tool Bay Direct. Before teaming up, he steered a successful e-commerce business for two years, mastering the digital landscape with ease. Our paths merged a year ago, and it was clear: my hands-on machinery expertise plus his online business savvy equaled a perfect match.

Jayden's the whiz making sure our digital storefront is top-notch, blending his business smarts with our shared mission. Together, we’re focused on delivering quality engineering tools through a seamless online experience. He’s the force behind our smooth operations, ensuring you find what you need efficiently and without hassle.

With Jayden’s entrepreneurial eye and my industry insights, we’re dedicated to simplifying your tool shopping, making Tool Bay Direct your first stop for the best in engineering and machinery.

Edel & Ross

Meet the dynamo duo behind the scenes at Tool Bay Direct: Edel and Ross. With a combined 15 years in e-commerce, they're the gears that keep our digital storefront running smoothly. Edel masters product uploads and content, making sure each item shines and speaks directly to your needs. Ross is the logistics guru, handling everything from supplier chats to customer emails, ensuring your experience is seamless from click to delivery.

Together, they’re more than just employees; they're the heart of our operation, dedicated to making your Tool Bay Direct experience exceptional. They ensure that behind every product, there’s a flawless process, making us not just a source for quality engineering tools but a team that cares about your journey.

Here’s to Edel and Ross - the unsung heroes making it all happen.