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Promac SX_827DGVI Manual Bandsaw

by Promac
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Experience Unmatched Precision and Versatility with the Promac SX_827DGVI Manual Bandsaw, Tailored for Complex Cuts and Optimal Performance

Promac SX_827DGVI Manual Bandsaw Overview

Introducing the Promac SX_827DGVI Manual Bandsaw, the ultimate solution for precision metalworking. This robust machine offers unparalleled accuracy with its 270mm round capacity and dual-mitre capability up to 60° right and 45° left. Whether you're dealing with complex angles or straight cuts, the variable speed control and hydraulic descent make operation smooth and precise. Designed to enhance your workshop's efficiency and productivity, this bandsaw ensures every cut is performed with the utmost precision and ease.

The Promac SX_827DGVI is equipped with an array of features aimed at improving your cutting experience. Its electronic variable speed control, coupled with thermal protection and an emergency stop button, guarantees both safety and adaptability. The saw's flexibility is further enhanced by its ability to perform both right-hand and left-hand cuts through bow rotation. With its quick-clamping vise and comprehensive lubrication system, this bandsaw stands out as a versatile and reliable tool for any metalworking task.

Promac SX_827DGVI Manual Bandsaw Full Image

Promac SX_827DGVI Manual Bandsaw Features

  • 270mm Round capacity - Handles large materials with ease
  • Dual-mitre up to 60° right and 45° left - Flexible angle adjustments for complex cuts
  • Variable speed control - Adapts to various materials and thicknesses
  • Hydraulic controlled descent - Ensures smooth, consistent cuts
  • Electronic variable speed control - Precise control over cutting speed
  • Thermal protection and emergency stop button - Enhanced safety features
  • Right-hand and left-hand cut - Versatility in cutting direction
  • Lubrication system - Longer blade life and smoother operation
  • Blade guides with rolling bearings - Improved blade stability
  • Quick-clamping vise - Fast and secure material clamping
Promac SX_827DGVI Manual Bandsaw Features

Promac SX_827DGVI Manual Bandsaw Specs

Specs Features
Round capacity 270mm
Mitre capability 60° right, 45° left
Speed control Variable, electronic
Descent control Hydraulic
Safety features Thermal protection, emergency stop
Cutting direction Right-hand and left-hand
Lubrication system Included
Blade guides Rolling contact bearings
Clamping Quick-clamping vise
Accessories Sawing band, pedestal
Promac SX_827DGVI Manual Bandsaw Specs