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Promac SX_823DGVI Manual Bandsaw

by Promac
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Unlock Cutting Excellence with the Promac SX_823DGVI Manual Bandsaw: Master Complex Projects with Dual-Mitre Precision and Advanced Versatility

Promac SX_823DGVI Manual Bandsaw Overview

Embark on a journey of precise cutting with the Promac SX_823DGVI Manual Bandsaw, tailored for professionals demanding accuracy and flexibility. This innovative machine offers a substantial 227mm round capacity and dual-mitre cutting angles up to 60° right and 45° left, ensuring versatility across a variety of materials. With its variable speed control and the option for manual or servo-assisted descent, you can easily adjust to the task at hand, enhancing your productivity and work quality. The inclusion of a durable sawing band and pedestal further complements your setup, allowing for immediate integration into your workspace.

Promac SX_823DGVI Manual Bandsaw Full Image

Promac SX_823DGVI Manual Bandsaw Features

  • 227mm round capacity - Handles large materials with ease
  • Dual-mitre 60° right and 45° left - For versatile cutting angles
  • Variable speed control - Adaptable cutting speeds for different materials
  • Manual or servo-assisted descent - Enhanced precision and user control
  • Lubrication system - Ensures smooth operation and longevity
  • Quick-clamping vise - Securely holds materials for accurate cuts
Promac SX_823DGVI Manual Bandsaw Features

Promac SX_823DGVI Manual Bandsaw Specs

Specs Details
Capacity 227mm Round
Mitre cutting 60° right, 45° left
Speed control Variable, electronic through frequency control
Descent Manual or servo-assisted
Safety features Thermal protection, emergency stop, blade breakage immediate stop
Additional features Lubrication system, quick-clamping vise, blade guides with bearings
Promac SX_823DGVI Manual Bandsaw Specs