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Promac JMD_45PFD-T Vertical Mill Drill

by Promac

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Efficiency and Precision: The Promac JMD_45PFD-T Vertical Mill Drill

Promac JMD_45PFD-T Vertical Mill Drill Overview

Enhance your machining capabilities with the Promac JMD_45PFD-T Vertical Mill Drill, a powerhouse for precision drilling and milling. This gear-driven marvel features a 400v 3 Phase 1,1kw motor and offers a versatile 12-speed operation, ensuring optimal performance for a variety of materials. Capable of cutting up to 32mm in steel with a Morse taper MT3, it brings industrial-grade precision to your workshop. The machine's automatic spindle lowering paired with a sophisticated monitoring function for 3 axes (X, Y, Z) via glass scale elevates your project's accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, the ability to achieve threads through CW/CCW spindle rotation, along with its automatic downward movement, ensures a seamless and precise operation every time.

The JMD_45PFD-T is designed for versatility and ease of use, featuring a compound table with parallel T slots for secure clamping and a head tiltable by 30° to the right and 90° to the left, accommodating a wide range of angles and positions. With its MT2/B16 adapter, M12 draw bar, and 113-mm auto-clamping chuck, the machine offers a comprehensive solution for intricate milling and drilling tasks. The inclusion of a chuck guard and emergency stop switch further asserts its commitment to safety, making it an essential addition to any machining environment seeking precision, versatility, and safety.

Promac JMD_45PFD-T Vertical Mill Drill Full Image

Promac JMD_45PFD-T Vertical Mill Drill Features

  • Automatic spindle lowering - Enhances precision and efficiency
  • 3 axes monitoring (X, Y, Z) with glass scale - For precise measurement and control
  • 2 gear motor - Provides optimal power and speed
  • CW/CCW rotation - Enables threading operations
  • Compound table with T slots - For versatile and secure clamping
  • Head tiltable - Accommodates a wide range of angles
  • Auto-clamping chuck - For easy and secure tool attachment
  • Emergency stop switch - Ensures operator safety
Promac JMD_45PFD-T Vertical Mill Drill Features

Promac JMD_45PFD-T Vertical Mill Drill Specs

Specs Features
Motor 400v 3 Phase 1,1kw
Speed 12 gear-driven
Cutting capacity 32mm in steel
Morse taper MT3
Promac JMD_45PFD-T Vertical Mill Drill Specs

Promac JMD_45PFD-T Vertical Mill Drill Installation Manual

For more detailed information on specifications, installation, and operation, please refer to the provided documentation that comes with your machine. In case of any inquiries or further assistance needed, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.