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Promac GH_2680ZH-T Precision Lathe

by Promac

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Master Precision and Durability with the Promac GH_2680ZH-T Precision Lathe Explore Advanced Features for Unmatched Machining Performance

Promac GH_2680ZH-T Precision Lathe Overview

Unlock the full potential of your machining projects with the Promac GH_2680ZH-T Precision Lathe, engineered for those who demand precision and reliability. This advanced lathe offers a substantial distance between centers of 2,030mm and a swing over bed of 660mm, accommodating a wide range of workpiece sizes. Its 3 jaw chuck of 325mm ensures a firm grip on your material, providing a stable base for your machining tasks. The inclusion of a Morse taper at headstock MT7 highlights its compatibility with a variety of tools, enhancing its versatility. With features designed for ease of use, such as smooth start functionality to protect the motor, and a prismatic frame made of gray-cast iron for stability, this lathe is a true workhorse.

The Promac GH_2680ZH-T goes beyond basic features with its advanced monitoring function for 3 axes (X, Y, Z), ensuring precision in every cut. The headstock with mechanical coupling allows for smooth speed changes, minimizing wear on reducer and belts. This model’s gears are maintained in an oil bath, guaranteeing their longevity and smooth operation. Additionally, its capacity for automatic longitudinal and traverse feed, along with the crucial emergency stop switch, positions it as a top contender for professionals seeking efficiency without compromising safety or quality.

Promac GH_2680ZH-T Precision Lathe Full Image

Promac GH_2680ZH-T Precision Lathe Features

  • Monitoring function for 3 axes (X, Y, Z) - Precision in every cut
  • Headstock with mechanical coupling - Smooth speed changes
  • Smooth start - Reduces wear on motor and components
  • Prismatic frame made of gray-cast iron - Enhanced stability and durability
  • All gears in oil bath - Longevity and smooth operation
  • Reversal of direction CCW/CW - Versatile operation modes
  • Automatic longitudinal and traverse feed - Efficiency in machining processes
  • Emergency stop switch - Enhanced safety feature
Promac GH_2680ZH-T Precision Lathe Features

Promac GH_2680ZH-T Precision Lathe Specs

Specs Features
Distance between centers 2,030mm
Swing over bed 660mm
3 jaw chuck 325mm
Morse taper at headstock MT7
Promac GH_2680ZH-T Precision Lathe Specs

Promac GH_2680ZH-T Precision Lathe Installation Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Unfortunately, the manual is not available at this time. Please contact customer service for further assistance.