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Elmag HY 180-4 Metal Bandsaw

by Elmag
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Elmag HY 180-4 Metal Bandsaw: Your Solution for Precise and Versatile Metal Cutting

Elmag HY 180-4 Metal Bandsaw Overview

The Elmag HY 180-4 Metal Bandsaw exemplifies cutting-edge technology and flexibility, ideal for metalworking shops requiring precision and versatility. This powerful, mid-size bandsaw is equipped with a single-axis swing frame and rotating jaws, enabling it to perform angle cuts with ease. With a cutting capacity of up to 305x180 mm and four speed levels, it caters to a variety of materials, from hard to soft. The addition of transport wheels enhances its flexibility, allowing for easy internal relocation.

Designed for both small and industrial applications, the HY 180-4 offers features like an automatic lowering mechanism, quick-action vice, and multiple speed settings to optimize cutting processes, making it a reliable tool for metal construction, mechanical engineering, and more.

Elmag HY 180-4 Metal Bandsaw Full Image

Elmag HY 180-4 Metal Bandsaw Features

  • Automatic lowering mechanism - Provides consistent cutting pressure and precision
  • Quick-action vice - Enables rapid and secure material clamping
  • Four cutting speeds - Accommodates various material types and cutting requirements
  • Transport wheels - Offer mobility for flexible use within the workspace
  • High-performance V-belt drive - Ensures efficient power transmission and overload protection
  • Cooling system - Maintains optimal blade temperature for consistent cutting quality
  • Safety features - Including emergency stop and saw blade protection for secure operations
Elmag HY 180-4 Metal Bandsaw Clamp

Elmag HY 180-4 Metal Bandsaw Specs

Specs Features
Cutting range at 0° Max. 180 mm (round), 180 mm (square), 305x180 mm (rectangle)
Mitre cutting range 0-45°, up to 110 mm (round and square) at 45°
Saw band size 2360x20x0.9 mm
Engine power 750 W
Cutting speeds 18, 28, 37, 54 m/min
Dimensions 1250x430x1000 mm
Weight 130 kg
Elmag HY 180-4 Metal Bandsaw Engine