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Elmag CY210-2GN Vario Metal Bandsaw

by Elmag
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Maximize Efficiency with Elmag CY210-2GN Vario Metal Bandsaw: Precision Meets Power in Metalworking

Elmag CY210-2GN Vario Metal Bandsaw Overview

The Elmag CY210-2GN Vario Metal Bandsaw represents the pinnacle of metalworking efficiency and accuracy, suitable for a range of applications from metal construction to plant engineering. This powerful, mid-size bandsaw, with its rotating frame and fixed vice, excels in producing precise one-sided mitres. The double mitre capability enhances its versatility, allowing for right or left-hand cuts, essential for industrial and workshop environments.

With features designed to optimize throughput and accuracy, such as the powerful drive motor, compact gearbox, and continuous lubrication in oil baths, the CY210-2GN Vario stands out as a reliable choice for professional metal cutting.

Elmag CY210-2GN Vario Metal Bandsaw Full Image

Elmag CY210-2GN Vario Metal Bandsaw Features

  • Rotating frame and fixed vice - Enables precise one-sided mitre cuts with ease
  • Automatic lowering mechanism - Guarantees consistent and controlled cutting
  • Quick-action vice and angle clamp - For fast and accurate material positioning and cutting
  • Compact gearbox with oil bath - Ensures lasting durability and smooth operation
  • Central control panel and ERGO lever - Simplifies machine operation, enhancing user comfort and efficiency
  • Cooling system with electric pump - Maintains optimal blade temperature for quality cuts
  • Adjustable saw band guide - For precise cutting and reduced blade wear
Elmag CY210-2GN Vario Metal Bandsaw Saw

Elmag CY210-2GN Vario Metal Bandsaw Specs

Specs Features
Cutting range at 0° Max. 230 mm (round), 220 mm (square), 245x160 mm (rectangle)
Mitre cutting range 0-60°, up to 150 mm (round), 145 mm (square) at 45°
Saw band size 2450x27x0.9 mm
Engine power 1100 W
Cutting speed 20-85 m/min (continuously variable)
Dimensions 1549x737x1650 mm
Weight 216 kg
Elmag CY210-2GN Vario Metal Bandsaw Switch