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Bomar 410.280 DG Workline Metal Bandsaw

by Bomar
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Enhance Your Workshop's Cutting Capability with the Bomar 410.280 DG Workline Metal Bandsaw: Where Performance Meets Precision

Bomar 410.280 DG Workline Metal Bandsaw Overview

Experience unmatched cutting performance with the BOMAR 410.280 DG Workline Metal Bandsaw, a robust solution for precise straight cuts in the workshop. Its advanced carbide guide ensures precise saw band tracking, while the arm joint with slide bearings offers smooth operation. Equipped with a high bandsaw blade and efficient chip removal brush, this machine is designed for optimal performance. The frequency converter dynamically adjusts the saw blade speed, optimizing the cutting process and extending the life of the bandsaw blades, making it a productive addition to any workshop.

Bomar 410.280 DG Workline Metal Bandsaw Full Image

Bomar 410.280 DG Workline Metal Bandsaw Features

  • Sturdy cast iron frame - Provides a stable and durable base for cutting operations
  • Quick-release vice - Enables swift and secure material clamping
  • Start/stop function - Facilitates easy operation control
  • Carbide saw blade guides - Ensure precision and blade longevity
  • Bandsaw blade BI-metal - Delivers consistent, high-quality cuts
  • Belt tension display (optional) - Monitors tension for optimal performance
  • Chip flushing gun (optional) - Keeps the work area clean and ensures clear visibility
  • Digital mitre gauge (optional) - Allows for accurate angle adjustments
  • Work light (optional) - Provides better visibility for accurate cutting
  • Micro-spray device 24 V (optional) - Enhances blade cooling and longevity
  • Third coolant supply (optional) - Further improves cutting efficiency
  • Bundle tensioning device (optional) - Secures multiple pieces for simultaneous cutting
  • LaserLiner laser measurement line (optional) - Ensures precise cutting alignment
Bomar 410.280 DG Workline Metal Bandsaw Controls

Bomar 410.280 DG Workline Metal Bandsaw Specs

Specs Features
Cutting range max. 410x280 mm
Saw band length 3800 mm
Saw band height 27 mm
Saw band width 0.9 mm
Cutting angle 60-0-60 °
Speed Continuously variable, 20 - 120 m/min
Saw blade drive engine power 2200 W
Voltage 400/50 V/Hz
Infeed height 756 mm
Remnant piece length 20 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2130x1070x1440 mm
Weight 530 kg
Bomar 410.280 DG Workline Metal Bandsaw with Roller