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DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-30M

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Introducing DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-30M: Simplify Your Fabrication with Manual Power

Overview of the DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-30M

The DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-30M offers a perfect entry point into hydraulic pressing with a manual operation twist. This compact yet robust model transforms minimal effort into significant force—up to 30 tons—via a hand lever style pump. It's designed for ease of use with an integral pressure gauge for monitoring, and a simple valve release for resetting the ram. The fully welded steel frame supports the rigors of daily use while accommodating larger objects with a maximum daylight of 700mm, making it a durable and invaluable asset for any workshop.

DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-30M

Features of the DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-30M

  • 30 ton capacity - Generates significant pressure for a variety of fabrication tasks.
  • Fixed head - Provides stability and consistent pressure application.
  • V-blocks as standard - Enhances material handling and operation ease.
  • Manually operated with hand pump - Allows precise control over pressure application.
  • Pressure gauge - Enables real-time monitoring of pressure for optimal results.
  • Compact and sturdy - Ideal for workshops with limited space but needing heavy-duty capability.
  • Entry level model - Perfect for those new to hydraulic presses or with basic pressing needs.
Pressure Gauge of DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-30M

Specifications of the DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-30M

Specs Features
Capacity 30 ton
Working Size 600mm x 200mm
Stroke 150mm
Daylight 700mm
Motor Power n/a
Pump Capacity n/a
Working Speed n/a
Return Speed n/a
Size 670mm (L) x 970mm (W) x 1900mm (H)
Weight 240kgs
Control of DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-30M

DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-30M Manual

Unfortunately, the installation manual for the DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-30M is not available. For further assistance, please contact DIMAKIN customer service.

Manual not available