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DIMAKIN Coldsaw CS-315-DM

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Enhance Your Metalworking with the DIMAKIN Coldsaw CS-315-DM: The Ultimate Combination of Power and Precision

DIMAKIN Coldsaw CS-315-DM Overview

Upgrade your fabrication capabilities with the DIMAKIN Coldsaw CS-315-DM, a powerful tool designed for small to medium-sized workshops. This model boasts an increased capacity with a 315mm blade, enabling broader cuts and enhanced versatility. Like all DIMAKIN coldsaws, it features dual mitering up to 45° in both directions, ensuring precise and versatile cuts. The manual descent allows for better control during cutting, while the self-contained coolant system maintains the blade’s longevity and performance.

DIMAKIN Coldsaw CS-315-DM Full View

DIMAKIN Coldsaw CS-315-DM Features

  • Dual mitres 45° - Allows cutting from two directions for increased flexibility
  • 315mm (12.5” blade) - Greater cutting capacity for thicker materials
  • Burr-free finish - Delivers clean, ready-to-use cuts reducing post-process work
  • Coolant system - Keeps the blade cool, preventing overheating and wear
  • Cam-locking vice - Quick, secure material setup and removal
  • Scaled material stop - Enables precise, repeatable cuts
  • Single speed blade (45rpm) - Ideal speed for cutting most metals efficiently
  • Single phase - Easily integrates into standard electrical setups
DIMAKIN Coldsaw CS-315-DM Saw

DIMAKIN Coldsaw CS-315-DM Manual

The installation manual for the DIMAKIN Coldsaw CS-315-DM is currently unavailable. For assistance with setup and operations, please reach out to DIMAKIN directly for professional guidance and support.

Manual Unavailable