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Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-1054-3

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Elevate Your Milling Projects: The Baileigh VM-1054-3 Vertical Mill Delivers Unrivaled Precision and Performance

Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-1054-3 Overview

The Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-1054-3 stands out as a superior choice for precision milling, featuring a hardened, ground, polished, and Turcite® B coated 10" x 54" table to ensure durability and corrosion resistance. Equipped with a Yaskawa® inverter, this variable speed milling machine operates on 400 volts of three-phase power, offering speed adjustments between 0 and 3800 rpm to enhance tooling life and improve cut quality, thereby saving costs. Its DIN2080 spindle taper enhances performance through increased strength and lasting precision, while the high-quality castings for the base and frame ensure optimal rigidity for superior cutting outcomes.

All three axes of the VM-1054 are powered, simplifying operations for the user. This milling machine also includes a two-axis digital readout by Mitutoyo®, providing precise measurements to 1/10 of a thousandth of an inch. Additionally, it comes factory-installed with a flood coolant system, air draw bar, and central lubrication system, making it an all-encompassing solution for your milling needs.

Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-1054-3 Full Image

Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-1054-3 Features

  • DIN 2080/ISO 40 spindle taper - Enhances performance with greater strength and precision.
  • Variable speed control - Powered by Yaskawa® inverter for optimal speed adjustment.
  • X/Y/Z axis travel - 900mm/400mm/406mm for comprehensive maneuverability.
  • 10" x 54" table - Hardened, ground, polished, and coated with Turcite® B.
  • Two-axis digital readout - Accurate to 1/10 of 1 thousandth of an inch with Mitutoyo® technology.
  • Flood coolant system, air draw bar, and central lubrication system - Factory installed for enhanced operation.
Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-1054-3 Features

Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-1054-3 Specs

Specs Features
Spindle taper DIN 2080/ISO 40
X-axis travel 900mm
Y-axis travel 400mm
Z-axis travel 406mm
Table size 10" x 54"
Speed range 0 - 3800 rpm
Baileigh Vertical Mill VM-1054-3 Specs