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Baileigh BSV-12 Vertical Bandsaw

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Experience Precision and Versatility with the Baileigh BSV-12 Vertical Bandsaw: The Ideal Solution for Detailed and Complex Cutting Tasks in Any Workshop

Baileigh BSV-12 Vertical Bandsaw Overview

The Baileigh BSV-12 Vertical Bandsaw stands out as a compact yet feature-rich addition to your workshop, embodying Baileigh Industrial's commitment to quality. Despite its small footprint, this bandsaw comes fully equipped with a welded frame and industrial-grade components, ensuring durability and reliability. Its design facilitates a variety of blade widths (6mm to 13mm), enabling precise cuts even in intricate projects. With an 11-3/8" throat depth and a 7-3/4" material opening, coupled with a table that pivots for optimal positioning, the BSV-12 is your go-to tool for accuracy and versatility.

Functionality meets performance in the BSV-12, featuring four operating speeds ranging from 80rpm to 319rpm powered by a robust 1/2hp motor. This bandsaw operates on 220 volt, 50hz, single-phase power, making it suitable for a wide range of cutting tasks. The inclusion of a blade welder expands its capabilities, allowing for mid-project cuts with ease. Whether you're dealing with intricate patterns or thick materials, the BSV-12 provides the flexibility and power you need.

Baileigh BSV-12 Vertical Bandsaw Full Image

Baileigh BSV-12 Vertical Bandsaw Features

  • Fully welded frame - Ensures durability and long-term reliability
  • Industrial-grade components - For high-performance cutting tasks
  • Adjustable table pivots - 10° front to back and 15° left to right for versatile positioning
  • Multiple blade widths - Supports 6mm to 13mm blades for intricate cuts
  • Blade welder included - Facilitates mid-project cuts and continuous operation
  • 4 operating speeds - 80rpm to 319rpm to match cutting requirements
  • 1/2hp motor - Robust power for efficient cutting on 220 volt, 50hz, single phase
Baileigh BSV-12 Vertical Bandsaw Table and Guide

Baileigh BSV-12 Vertical Bandsaw Specs

Specs Features
Blade width 6mm - 13mm
Maximum thickness 196mm
Throat depth 289mm
Table size 483mm x 483mm
Table pivot 10° front to back, 15° left to right
Operating speeds 80rpm to 319rpm
Motor 1/2hp (.4 kw), 220 volt, 50hz, single phase
Baileigh BSV-12 Vertical Bandsaw Welder