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Baileigh BS-127P Portable Bandsaw

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Enhance Your Workshop's Capabilities with the Baileigh BS-127P Portable Bandsaw: A Compact Powerhouse for Precision Metal Cutting

Baileigh BS-127P Portable Bandsaw Overview

The Baileigh BS-127P portable bandsaw is your workshop's next game-changer, offering unparalleled flexibility and precision in metal cutting. Designed for both the hobbyist and the professional, this compact saw can be easily transported and mounted on any workbench. Its 127mm round capacity and 0° to 60° mitering capability to the right make it perfect for a wide range of applications. The saw's unique swivel-head miter adjustment enhances accuracy without sacrificing vise-holding power. Variable blade speeds from 75 to 246 fpm allow for customized cutting conditions, ensuring both optimal performance and extended blade life. Whether in the shop or on-site, the BS-127P guarantees precise, repeatable results every time.

Baileigh BS-127P Portable Bandsaw Full Image

Baileigh BS-127P Portable Bandsaw Features

  • Portable/desktop mounting - Enhances versatility for on-site and in-shop use
  • 127mm round capacity - Accommodates a wide range of materials
  • 0° - 60° miter right - Offers flexible cutting angles
  • Variable blade speed (75 to 246 fpm) - Optimizes cutting for different materials
  • Swivel-head miter adjustment - Improves accuracy without compromising hold
  • Stop rod for repeatable cuts - Ensures consistent lengths
  • Adjustable ball-bearing blade guides - Allows for precise cuts close to the material
  • Electronic trigger handle - Provides easy operation
  • 1-year parts warranty and lifetime technical support - Gives peace of mind
Baileigh BS-127P Portable Bandsaw Closeup

Baileigh BS-127P Portable Bandsaw Specs

Specs Features
Mounting Portable/Desktop
Capacity 127mm Round
Mitering 0° - 60° Right
Blade Speed 75 to 246 fpm
Weight 56 lbs.
Warranty 1-Year Parts
Baileigh BS-127P Portable Bandsaw Spring

Baileigh BS-127P Portable Bandsaw Installation Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Owner's Manual.

Baileigh BS-127P Manual