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Promac SX_823DGSVI Semi-Auto Bandsaw

by Promac
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Boost Your Metalworking Precision and Productivity with the Promac SX_823DGSVI Semi-Auto Bandsaw: The Ultimate Dual-Mitre Powerhouse for Seamless Cutting

Promac SX_823DGSVI Semi-Auto Bandsaw Overview

Introducing the Promac SX_823DGSVI Semi-auto Bandsaw, a cutting-edge solution for precision metal cutting. This semi-automatic bandsaw combines variable speed control with a hydraulically controlled operation, making it the ideal choice for diverse cutting tasks. With its capability to perform dual-mitre cuts at 60° right and 45° left, it offers unparalleled flexibility in your cutting process. The machine's variable speed control ensures optimal cutting speeds for various materials, enhancing both precision and efficiency. Whether you're dealing with intricate projects or high-volume tasks, this bandsaw is designed to meet your needs with its advanced features and robust performance.

Promac SX_823DGSVI Semi-Auto Bandsaw Full Image

Promac SX_823DGSVI Semi-Auto Bandsaw Features

  • 227mm round capacity - For versatile cutting sizes
  • Dual-mitre 60° right and 45° left - Flexible cutting angles
  • Variable speed control - Optimal speed for various materials
  • Hydraulically controlled semi-auto operation - Efficient and precise cutting
  • Lubrication system - For prolonged machine life and performance
  • Blade guides with rolling contact bearings and carbide guides - Ensures smooth and accurate cuts
  • Blade tension gauge - For optimal blade performance
  • Included sawing band - Ready to use out of the box
Promac SX_823DGSVI Semi-Auto Bandsaw Features

Promac SX_823DGSVI Semi-Auto Bandsaw Specs

Specs Features
Round capacity 227mm
Mitre cutting 60° right, 45° left
Speed control Variable, through frequency control
Type Hydraulically controlled, semi-auto
Additional Features Quick-clamping vise, lubrication system, blade guides with rolling bearings and carbide guides, blade tension gauge, includes sawing band
Promac SX_823DGSVI Semi-Auto Bandsaw Specs