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Promac 917C Manual Bandsaw

by Promac
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Unlock Unmatched Precision and Efficiency in Your Workshop with the Promac 917C Manual Bandsaw: Engineered for Superior Cutting Performance and Reliability

Promac 917C Manual Bandsaw Overview

Step up your cutting game with the Promac 917C Manual Bandsaw, designed to meet the demands of precision and efficiency in metalworking. With its robust 400v manual operation and impressive 180mm round capacity at 90°, this machine ensures high-quality cuts with minimal effort. The saw bow's ability to pivot 45° to the right enhances its versatility, allowing for angled cuts with precision. Additionally, the hydraulic cylinder-assisted lowering and limit switch guarantee smooth operation and optimal safety during use.

Whether for small workshops or industrial settings, the Promac 917C stands out with its durability and ease of use. Its features are engineered for reliability, including thermal protection against overload with an emergency stop button and a cutting line visualized by a laser device. The inclusion of a lubrication system and the sawing band with pedestal, complete with casters for mobility, underscores the machine’s commitment to longevity and convenience. Elevate your cutting tasks to new levels of excellence with the Promac 917C.

Promac 917C Manual Bandsaw Full Image

Promac 917C Manual Bandsaw Features

  • Quick-clamping vise - Secures materials quickly and efficiently
  • Blade guides with rolling contact bearings and carbide guides - Ensures precise cuts
  • Pivoting saw bow 45° to the right - For versatile angled cuts
  • Hydraulic cylinder-assisted lowering with limit switch - Smooth and safe operation
  • Thermal protection with emergency stop button - Prevents overload and enhances safety
  • Laser device - For accurate cutting line visualization
  • Lubrication system - Maintains smooth operation
  • Included sawing band and pedestal with casters - For immediate use and easy mobility
Promac 917C Manual Bandsaw Features

Promac 917C Manual Bandsaw Specs

Specs Features
Power 400v
Capacity 180mm Round at 90°
Saw Bow Pivot 45° Right
Lowering Mechanism Hydraulic Cylinder with Limit Switch
Promac 917C Manual Bandsaw Specs