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“Optrel®” e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC (4550.550)

by Optrel

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Transform Your Welding Safety with the Optrel® e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC (4550.550), Integrating Top-Tier Respiratory Protection and Unparalleled Visual Clarity

“Optrel®” e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC (4550.550) Overview

The Optrel e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC (4550.550) offers an elite welding experience with its advanced respiratory protection system and automatic welding helmet. This package is specifically designed for welders seeking the best in class air purity and visual accuracy. The e3000X respirator system provides TH3 certified air filtration, effectively removing 99.8% of airborne particles, while the Panoramaxx 2.5 helmet offers a wide field of vision and precise shading adjustments, enhancing both safety and productivity in any welding project.

Optrel e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC Set

“Optrel®” e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC (4550.550) Features

  • High-Efficiency Filtration - TH3P filter system removes 99.8% of airborne particles for superior breathing protection.
  • Advanced Viewing - TRUE COLOR view in the Panoramaxx 2.5 helmet enhances visibility and accuracy during welding operations.
  • Adjustable Airflow - Three-stage airflow in the respirator maximizes comfort and meets varied work intensity needs.
  • Long Battery Life - Up to 18 hours of operation, supporting prolonged work without frequent recharges.
  • Modular System - Expandable with additional filters to tackle odours, ozone, or gases, adapting to diverse working environments.
  • Automatic Adjustment - Intelligent alarm and airflow calibration ensure continuous protection and comfort.
Optrel e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC Bag

“Optrel®” e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC (4550.550) Specs

Specs Features
Sight size 100 x 50 mm
Classification EN 379 1/1/1/2
Protection levels DIN 2.5/5-12 (adjustable)
Light sensors 5
Weight 0.575 kg
Optrel e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC Helmet

“Optrel®” e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC (4550.550) Manual

The manual for the Optrel e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC (4550.550) is not available. For detailed information on usage and maintenance, please contact Optrel directly or refer to their official resources for support and guidance.

Optrel e3000X with Panoramaxx 2.5 -TC Manual