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Elmag Multifunction Welding System - WELBEE Pulse (WB-P500L)

by Elmag

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Advance to Elite Welding with Elmag's WELBEE Pulse (WB-P500L), Unleashing Superior Precision and Power for the Ultimate Welding Experience

Elmag Multifunction Welding System - WELBEE Pulse (WB-P500L) Overview

The Elmag WELBEE Pulse WB-P500L is a high-performance, water-cooled welding system tailored for steel and stainless steel applications. Equipped with an advanced cooling unit, external wire feeder, and comprehensive welding accessories, this system is designed for high-demand environments. Offering a robust 30-500 amps with exceptional duty cycles and low spatter technology, the WB-P500L facilitates outstanding welding results, making it ideal for industrial, construction, and heavy-duty welding projects.

Elmag WELBEE Pulse WB-P500L Gears

Elmag Multifunction Welding System - WELBEE Pulse (WB-P500L) Features

  • Optimized Welding Control - Advanced digital technology ensures precise current/voltage management for improved welding quality.
  • Low Spatter Mode - Reduces spatter by up to 80%, enabling cleaner welding and easier post-weld treatment.
  • Pulse and Double Pulse Welding - Improves seam quality with better control and appearance.
  • High Duty Cycle - Supports intense, continuous welding operations with optimal performance.
  • Integrated USB Port - Facilitates easy monitoring and data retrieval for quality assurance and process optimization.
  • Comprehensive Welding Capabilities - Designed for a variety of materials and complex welding tasks, including automation.
Elmag WELBEE Pulse WB-P500L Panel

Elmag Multifunction Welding System - WELBEE Pulse (WB-P500L) Specs

Specs Features
Material thickness range 0.8 - 40 mm
Welding current range 30 - 500 A
Duty cycle 60% at 500 A, 100% at 410 A
Wire feed speed Up to 22 m/min
Protection class IP23
Mains voltage 400 V
Dimensions 620x1110x1700 mm
Weight 199 kg
Elmag WELBEE Pulse WB-P500L Switch

Elmag Multifunction Welding System - WELBEE Pulse (WB-P500L) Manual

The manual for the Elmag WELB EE Pulse WB-P500L is not available. For detailed operating instructions, setup guidance, and technical support, please contact Elmag directly or consult their official website for the latest documentation and resources.

Elmag WELBEE Pulse WB-P500L Manual