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Elmag Multifunction Welding System - WELBEE Pulse (WB-P400)

by Elmag

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Experience Revolutionary Welding Precision with Elmag's WELBEE Pulse (WB-P400) - The Pinnacle of Advanced Welding Technology

Elmag Multifunction Welding System - WELBEE Pulse (WB-P400) Overview

The Elmag WELBEE Pulse WB-P400, designed for steel and stainless steel, represents the zenith of welding innovation, encapsulated in a water-cooled system complete with a cooling unit, external wire feeder, and comprehensive accessories. Engineered for superior performance, the WB-P400 integrates advanced digital control, offering unrivaled welding quality, efficiency, and precision. With features like pulse and wave pulse welding, along with substantial spatter reduction, it caters to a broad spectrum of welding tasks, from heavy-duty construction to intricate metalworking, making it an indispensable tool for professionals.

Elmag WELBEE Pulse WB-P400 Full Image

Elmag Multifunction Welding System - WELBEE Pulse (WB-P400) Features

  • Advanced Control Technology - Precise current/voltage curve control with the Welbee chip for high-quality welding
  • Spatter Reduction - Reduces spatter by up to 80%, ensuring cleaner welds and less post-weld cleanup
  • Pulse and Wave Pulse Welding - Enhances seam quality with better gap bridging and a TIG-like seam appearance
  • High Duty Cycle - Operates at 50% duty cycle at 400 amps and 100% at 370 amps, supporting continuous heavy-duty use
  • Integrated USB Port - Allows for easy monitoring and data retrieval for quality assurance
  • Versatile and Durable - Suitable for various industrial applications and challenging welding tasks
Elmag WELBEE Pulse WB-P400 Features Image

Elmag Multifunction Welding System - WELBEE Pulse (WB-P400) Specs

Specs Features
Material thickness capability 1.2 - 30 mm
Welding current range 30 - 400 A
Duty cycle 50% at 400 A, 100% at 370 A
Wire feed speed Up to 22 m/min
Protection class IP23
Mains voltage 400 V
Dimensions 620x1110x1500 mm
Weight 178 kg
Elmag WELBEE Pulse WB-P400 Blue

Elmag Multifunction Welding System - WELBEE Pulse (WB-P400) Manual

The manual for the Elmag WELBEE Pulse WB-P400 is not available. For detailed setup and operating instructions, please contact Elmag directly or refer to their official resources for support and documentation.

Elmag WELBEE Pulse WB-P400 Manual