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Elmag HY 230 Vario Metal Bandsaw

by Elmag
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Enhance Your Metal Fabrication with Elmag HY 230 Vario Metal Bandsaw: A Synthesis of Precision, Power, and Versatility

Elmag HY 230 Vario Metal Bandsaw Overview

The Elmag HY 230 Vario Metal Bandsaw is a robust mid-sized cutting solution, ideal for precision angle cutting in diverse metalworking environments. Equipped with a single-axis swing frame and rotating jaws, it serves as a reliable tool in many workshops. Featuring a V-belt drive for saw blade overload protection, this bandsaw is perfect for small to medium industrial tasks. Its vario drive system allows for speed control, optimizing cutting speed and throughput, with capabilities extending to a 410x230 mm cutting range.

Designed to meet the demands of various sectors like metal construction, plant construction, and more, the HY 230 Vario combines excellent machining with user-friendly operation, making it a top choice for professionals seeking efficiency and precision.

Elmag HY 230 Vario Metal Bandsaw Full Image

Elmag HY 230 Vario Metal Bandsaw Features

  • Variable speed control - Optimizes cutting speed for various materials, enhancing throughput
  • Automatic lowering mechanism - Ensures consistent cutting pressure and precision
  • Quick-action vice and angle adjustment - Facilitates rapid setup and versatile cutting angles
  • High-performance V-belt drive - Offers effective saw blade overload protection
  • Durable construction - Gearbox and oil bath system ensure continuous lubrication and longevity
  • Advanced safety features - Included AutoOFF shutoff, emergency stop, and saw blade protection
  • Efficient chip removal - Integrated chip brush and container keep the workspace clean
Elmag HY 230 Vario Metal Bandsaw Lever

Elmag HY 230 Vario Metal Bandsaw Specs

Specs Features
Cutting range at 0° Max. 230 mm (round), 230 mm (square), 410x230 mm (rectangle)
Mitre cutting range 0-45°, up to 165 mm (round), 105 mm (square), 225x165 mm (rectangle)
Saw band size 3035x27x0.9 mm
Engine power 1125 W (saw blade drive)
Cooling system power 100 W (cooling pump)
Cutting speed 25-75 m/min (continuously variable)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1700x750x1100 mm
Weight 300 kg
Elmag HY 230 Vario Metal Bandsaw Saw