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Bomar 375.308 DGH Metal Bandsaw

by Bomar
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Enhance Your Cutting Precision with the Bomar 375.308 DGH Metal Bandsaw: A Semi-Automatic Powerhouse for Metalworking Mastery

Bomar 375.308 DGH Metal Bandsaw Overview

Step up your metalworking game with the Bomar 375.308 DGH Metal Bandsaw, a semi-automatic marvel designed for precision and efficiency. With its robust cast-iron saw frame and a 27 mm saw band, this bandsaw ensures a smooth and precise cutting experience, hydraulically controlling material tension and saw frame feed during cutting. Manual material feed allows operators hands-on control, enhancing the precision of each cut. The bandsaw’s vibration-dampening cast-iron design, carbide blade guid, and pre-tensioned ball bearings combine to deliver exceptional cutting performance and durability. Its industrial drive and continuously variable saw blade speed adapt to your cutting needs, optimizing blade life and productivity.

Bomar 375.308 DGH Metal Bandsaw Full Image

Bomar 375.308 DGH Metal Bandsaw Features

  • Robust cast-iron saw frame - Dampens vibrations for smooth cutting
  • Hydraulically controlled tension and feed - Ensures precision during cutting
  • Variable saw blade speed (20-120 m/min) - Increases blade life and productivity
  • Adjustable saw frame (45°-0°/90°-60°) - For versatile cutting without repositioning material
  • Quick material size adjustment - Enables rapid changes to the main vice
  • Front-accessible controls - Improves usability and safety
Bomar 375.308 DGH Metal Bandsaw Features

Bomar 375.308 DGH Metal Bandsaw Specs

Specs Features
Operating Mode Semi-automatic
Bandsaw Speed 20 - 120 m/min
Bandsaw Dimensions 3380x25(27)x0.9 mm
Overall Dimensions 1800x1570x2100 mm
Drive Power 2200 W
Weight 410 kg
Bomar 375.308 DGH Metal Bandsaw Specs