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Baileigh RDB-100 - Tubing Bender


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Enhance Your Fabrication Precision with the Baileigh RDB-100 - Tubing Bender: Professional Quality Bends, Effortless Operation, and Versatile Compatibility for Your Production Needs!

Baileigh RDB-100 - Tubing Bender Overview

The RDB-100 Tubing Bender by Baileigh Industrial is engineered for fabricators seeking precision and efficiency in bending lower production runs of tubing. Designed with robust construction and user-friendly features, the RDB-100 delivers professional-looking bends with ease. With its versatile capabilities and straightforward operation, this manual bender is ideal for a wide range of applications in metal fabrication.

Baileigh RDB-100 - Tubing Bender Full Image

Baileigh RDB-100 - Tubing Bender Features

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Constructed of a thick steel plate, the RDB-100 ensures durability and stability during bending operations, providing reliable performance even in demanding fabrication environments.
  • Versatile Bending Capacity: The RDB-100 is capable of bending up to 45mm (1.75") OD mild tube with a maximum wall thickness of 2mm, as well as 38mm (1.5") OD stainless steel tube with the same thickness. Additionally, it can handle 1" schedule 40 pipe (48.3mm x 3.7mm), offering versatility in bending various materials.
  • Efficient Manual Operation: With its manual operation, the RDB-100 offers precise control over bending angles, allowing operators to achieve professional-quality bends consistently.
  • Large Diameter Indexing Plate: Featuring a large diameter indexing plate, the RDB-100 enables operators to bend up to 206° (180° plus springback) without the need for re-indexing, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • Tension Springback Mechanism: The tension springback mechanism holds the bend position as the bend mechanism grabs the next tooth on the index wheel, ensuring accurate and repeatable bends.
  • Ratchet System with Manual Override: For lighter gauge materials, the RDB-100 features a ratchet system that can be shut off, allowing operators to switch to manual override mode for greater control and flexibility in bending operations.
  • Degree Scale and Start-of-Bend Indicator: A large degree scale displays bend angles, while start-of-bend indicator lines on the tooling facilitate precise and complex bends, enhancing accuracy and reducing setup time.
  • Quick Release Counter Die System: The quick-release counter die system enables quick loading and unloading of materials, optimising workflow and minimising downtime between bending operations.
Baileigh RDB-100 - Tubing Bender Features

Baileigh RDB-100 - Tubing Bender Specs

Tube Capacity (Mild Steel): 45mm Ø x 2mm
Tube Capacity (Stainless Steel): 38mm Ø x 2mm
Pipe Capacity: 1" schedule 40 (48.3mm x 3.7mm)
Operation: Manual
Bending Angle: Up to 206° (180° + spring back)
Construction Material: Thick steel plate
Degree Scale: Included
Indexing Plate: Large diameter
Tooling: Start-of-bend indicator lines
Counter Die System: Quick release
Baileigh RDB-100 - Tubing Bender Die Group

Baileigh RDB-100 - Tubing Bender Installation Manual

If you need more information on the specifications, installation, warranty, etc -- Please check out the Owner's Manual.

Baileigh RDB-100 - Tubing Bender Manual