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Baileigh PR-10500-4NC Plate Roll


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Transform Your Metalworking with the Baileigh PR-10500-4NC Plate Roll: A Leap in Precision and Efficiency for Your Projects

Baileigh PR-10500-4NC Plate Roll Overview

Step into the future of plate rolling with the Baileigh PR-10500-4NC, a state-of-the-art NC Controlled Plate Roll designed to handle your most challenging projects. With a formidable 3100mm forming width and 12.4mm mild steel capacity, this machine brings unmatched precision and efficiency to your workshop. Its advanced numerical control system, featuring an easy-to-use touchscreen, controls three bending axes (X, Y, Z), two side supports, central support, and pinching action. With the capacity to store up to 300 programs with 99 steps each, it's perfectly equipped for complex, repetitive tasks, ensuring consistency across odd-shaped jobs.

The superiority of the 4-roll plate roll design lies in its operational simplicity and efficiency. It maintains the plate's position throughout the rolling cycle by pinching it between two central-driven rolls, enabling pre-bending of the leading edge, rolling the part's body, and the trailing edge in a single pass. This design, combined with hydraulically driven rolls powered by a robust 10hp motor and high-efficiency gearboxes, ensures precision and reliability for every project.

Baileigh PR-10500-4NC Plate Roll Full Image

Baileigh PR-10500-4NC Plate Roll Features

  • NC Controlled - Precision control with three-axis NC for bending operations
  • 3100mm forming width - Accommodates large-scale projects
  • 12.4mm mild steel capacity - Robust performance for heavy-duty tasks
  • Two driven rolls - Ensures consistent and accurate rolling
  • Hydraulic motors and gearboxes - High efficiency and reliability
  • Touch screen control - Easy program management and execution
  • Storage for 300 programs - Perfect for repetitive and complex shapes
Baileigh PR-10500-4NC Plate Roll Features

Baileigh PR-10500-4NC Plate Roll Specs

Specs Features
Forming Width 3100mm
Mild Steel Capacity 12.4mm
Driven Rolls Two
Power 400V / 10hp motor
Control Type NC with touch screen
Program Storage 300 programs, 99 steps each
Features Hydraulic system, Epicycloidal gearboxes, Conical bending
Baileigh PR-10500-4NC Plate Roll Specs

Baileigh PR-10500-4NC Plate Roll Installation Manual

Unfortunately, the installation manual for the Baileigh PR-10500-4NC Plate Roll is not available at this time. For detailed information on specifications, installation, and operation, please contact our support team.