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Baileigh PR-10500-4 Plate Roll


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Experience Unmatched Efficiency and Precision with the Baileigh PR-10500-4 Plate Roll - A Revolution in Plate Rolling Technology

Baileigh PR-10500-4 Plate Roll Overview

Embrace the pinnacle of bending innovation with the Baileigh PR-10500-4 Plate Roll. This four-roll plate bending machine stands as a testament to Baileigh's commitment to quality and performance, offering an unmatched combination of precision, efficiency, and ease of use. Designed for versatility and high-capacity rolling, it features a 3100mm forming width and a 12.4mm mild steel capacity, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications. The machine's hydraulic drive system and epicycloidal gearboxes ensure smooth, consistent operation, while its hardened and polished rolls promise longevity and reliability.

The PR-10500-4 distinguishes itself with its two central-driven rolls, powered by hydraulic motors and high-efficiency planetary gearboxes, ensuring the metal sheet is always securely held during the rolling process. This design not only facilitates single-pass completion for bending but also enhances safety and precision. The machine's moveable console with a digital read-out (DRO) and the hydraulic system for material removal further streamline the workflow, making complex tasks simpler and more intuitive. With its conical bending system and torsion bars for perfect parallelism, the Baileigh PR-10500-4 Plate Roll sets new standards in the metal forming industry.

Baileigh PR-10500-4 Plate Roll Full Image

Baileigh PR-10500-4 Plate Roll Features

  • Four rolls - For versatile and high-capacity rolling
  • 3100mm forming width and 12.4mm mild steel capacity - Handles large and thick plates with ease
  • Two central driven rolls - Enhanced precision and control in rolling
  • Hydraulically driven - Smooth and consistent operation
  • Moveable console with DRO - For precise control and measurement
  • Hydraulic system for material removal - Efficiency in operation
  • Epicycloidal gear boxes - High efficiency and reliability
  • Hardened and polished rolls - Long-lasting durability
  • Conical bending system - For advanced bending capabilities
  • Torsion bars for perfect parallelism - Ensures accuracy in every roll
Baileigh PR-10500-4 Plate Roll Features

Baileigh PR-10500-4 Plate Roll Specs

Specs Features
Forming width 3100mm
Mild steel capacity 12.4mm
Driven rolls Two
Power 10hp motor, 400V three-phase
Length 120" (3048mm)
Forming rolls 4
Hydraulic system Yes, with DRO
Gearbox Epicycloidal
Rolls Hardened and polished
Conical bending Yes
Torsion bars For parallelism
Baileigh PR-10500-4 Plate Roll Specs

Baileigh PR-10500-4 Plate Roll Installation Manual

An installation manual for the Baileigh PR-10500 -4 Plate Roll is currently not available. Please contact us directly for any inquiries regarding installation, operation, or maintenance guidelines.