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Baileigh PL-1340 Precision Lathe

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Experience unmatched precision with the Baileigh PL-1340 Lathe, designed for those who demand the highest standards in machining. Elevate your machining standards to new heights with its superior design and capabilities.

Baileigh PL-1340 Precision Lathe Overview

The Baileigh PL-1340 precision metal lathe represents the pinnacle of machining excellence, catering to those workshops where precision is non-negotiable. This lathe, emblematic of Baileigh Industrial’s commitment to quality, is constructed with top-tier components to meet rigorous standards. With 415 volt three-phase power at its heart, the PL-1340 ensures that your machining tasks are executed with unmatched accuracy and consistency.

Featuring a gear head that allows for eight selectable speeds ranging from 70 to 2000rpm, the PL-1340 excels in its adaptability to various machining needs. Its carriage moves along precision ground and hardened slide ways, guaranteeing smooth and precise operations. The robust castings, essential for stability and precision, set this lathe apart in its class. Moreover, it comes equipped with a plethora of features including a halogen work light, a three-jaw chuck, a flood coolant system, and a factory-installed Mitutoyo DRO for exceptionally precise cuts.

Baileigh PL-1340 Precision Lathe Full Image

Baileigh PL-1340 Precision Lathe Features

  • 8 step spindle speed (70 to 2000rpm) - Adaptable for various materials and finishes
  • 13" (330mm) swing over bed - Accommodates a wide range of workpiece sizes
  • 40" (1016mm) centre length - Allows for longer workpieces
  • 6" three jaw chuck - Ensures a firm grip on workpieces
  • Precision ground and hardened slide ways - For smooth and precise carriage movement
  • Halogen work light, flood coolant system, backsplash, four-way tool post, steady and follow rests - Enhances functionality and user convenience
  • Factory installed Mitutoyo DRO - For making precise cuts easily
Baileigh PL-1340 Precision Lathe Features

Baileigh PL-1340 Precision Lathe Specs

Specs Features
Spindle speed 8 steps, 70 to 2000rpm
Swing over bed 13" (330mm)
Centre length 40" (1016mm)
Chuck 6" three jaw
Power supply 415V, three-phase
Baileigh PL-1340 Precision Lathe Specs