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Baileigh BS-210M Bandsaw

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Enhance Your Cutting Precision and Efficiency with the Baileigh BS-210M Bandsaw: A Powerful Solution for Diverse Metalworking Needs

Baileigh BS-210M Bandsaw Overview

Maximize your workshop's potential with the Baileigh BS-210M Bandsaw, tailored for precision and versatility. With its hydraulic descent feature and 177mm round capacity, this bandsaw stands out in small-to-medium machine shops and home garages alike. It operates on a 1.5 hp motor, requiring just 240 volts, making it accessible in various settings. The swivel head offers up to 60° miters without compromising vise holding power, while the cast iron construction ensures minimal vibration and precise cuts. This saw supports standard blades and offers adjustable blade speeds for optimal performance and blade longevity. Whether manually operated or utilizing its hydraulic descent, the BS-210M promises efficiency and accuracy in every cut.

Baileigh BS-210M Bandsaw Full Image

Baileigh BS-210M Bandsaw Features

  • 177mm round capacity - Meets diverse cutting needs
  • 0° - 60° miter - Flexible angle cuts without compromising stability
  • Hydraulic descent - Enhances cutting efficiency and precision
  • 1.5 hp motor, 240 volts - Powerful and versatile for different settings
  • Variable blade speed (66 to 280fpm) - Optimized for quality cuts and prolonged blade life
  • Automatic stop feature - Increases productivity by allowing multitasking
  • Adjustable blade guides - Ensures straight cuts and extends blade life
Baileigh BS-210M Bandsaw Cylinder

Baileigh BS-210M Bandsaw Specs

Specs Features
Motor Power 1.5 hp, 240 volts
Round Capacity 177mm at 90°
Mitre Angle 0° - 60°
Blade Speed 66 to 280fpm (adjustable)
Construction Cast iron head and bow
Warranty 1-year (12 months)
Technical Support Lifetime (by phone)
Baileigh BS-210M Bandsaw Controller