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ELMAG Entwicklungs und Handels GmbH

Master Metal with Precision: The ELMAG Machines Collection

Welcome metalworking enthusiasts and aspiring fabricators! At Tool Bay Direct, we're thrilled to introduce you to the ELMAG metalworking collection. ELMAG is a trusted brand renowned for delivering robust, reliable, and user-friendly machinery designed to empower you in transforming raw metal into functional works of art.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist embarking on your metalworking journey, ELMAG equips you with the tools to elevate your craft.

Quality has always had the highest priority at ELMAG. Whoever promises quality must also deliver it, live it and make it credible - even before the customer has his own experience with the purchased product.

For this reason, ELMAG implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system in the company as early as 1998, a standard that is gaining even more value and importance every day due to the intensive focus on continuous improvement processes.

The ISO proves that the continuous optimisation of processes and workflows is actively lived at ELMAG. This ensures and documents that all customers are always served quickly, consistently and flexibly.

Elmag Universal Lathe PROFI 610/150 Full Image

Key Features

Built to Last: Unwavering Reliability ELMAG prioritises longevity in their machines. High-grade materials and robust construction ensure ELMAG machinery can withstand the rigours of even the most demanding metalworking projects. They offer exceptional durability, guaranteeing a reliable investment that empowers you for years to come.

Engineered for Precision: Experience the difference of meticulous engineering. ELMAG prioritises accuracy in every machine. Rigorous manufacturing processes ensure consistent performance, while user-friendly designs with intuitive controls allow you to achieve high-quality metalwork with confidence.

User-Friendly Operation for All Skill Levels: ELMAG understands that user-friendliness is key. Many ELMAG machines incorporate clear controls, well-written manuals, and intuitive designs. This makes them ideal for both seasoned metalworkers seeking efficient operation and those new to the craft, ensuring a smooth learning curve.

Performance You Can Trust: ELMAG machines are built to perform. They deliver exceptional power, precision, and control, allowing you to tackle a wide range of metalworking tasks with confidence. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist, ELMAG equips you with the tools to elevate your metalworking capabilities.

A Comprehensive Range for All Your Metalworking Needs

ELMAG boasts a diverse selection of metalworking machinery, catering to a variety of disciplines and project complexities. Explore our collection and discover:

ELMAG Bandsaws

Experience clean, precise cutting with ELMAG's high-quality bandsaws. These versatile machines offer exceptional performance for cutting a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, perfect for everything from intricate shapes to straight cuts. Choose from a variety of bandsaw sizes to suit your workspace and project requirements.

ELMAG Lathes

Create intricate parts and perform a multitude of turning operations with precision and control using ELMAG lathes. Available in benchtop and floor-standing models, these lathes cater to both small-scale projects and larger, more demanding turning tasks. ELMAG lathes are known for their user-friendly operation and robust construction, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

ELMAG Drilling Machines

Ensure clean, accurate holes in your metal projects with ELMAG's reliable drilling machines. Offered in various sizes and configurations, there's an ELMAG drill press perfectly suited for handling delicate tasks or heavy-duty drilling applications. Many models incorporate variable speed control, allowing you to tailor drilling parameters to the specific material you're working with.

Elmag Gear Column Drill GBM 4/50 SGA Full View

Why Choose ELMAG?

  • Quality Assurance: ELMAG is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. From design and engineering to manufacturing and testing, we adhere to the highest standards of quality to ensure that every machine bearing the ELMAG name meets our stringent criteria for performance and reliability.
  • Innovation: ELMAG is at the forefront of innovation in the metalworking industry. We continuously invest in research and development to bring you the latest advancements in technology and design, ensuring that our machines remain at the cutting edge of the industry. With ELMAG, you can trust that you're getting the most advanced metalworking solutions available.
  • Confidence-Inspiring Precision: Experience the difference of precision engineering. ELMAG's rigorous manufacturing processes guarantee consistent performance. User-friendly designs with intuitive controls further enhance control, allowing you to tackle metalworking projects with confidence, knowing you have the tools to achieve exceptional results.

Choosing the Right ELMAG Metalworking Machine

ELMAG offers a diverse range of metalworking machines, each catering to specific needs and project types. To help you choose the perfect ELMAG tool for your workshop, consider these factors:

Elmag 410.280 DG BOMAR Metal Bandsaw Workline - Full Unit View
1. Identify Your Metalworking Needs:

Before diving into specific machines, take a step back and consider the types of metalworking projects you plan to tackle. Are you interested in intricate cuts with a bandsaw? Do you envision shaping metal on a lathe? Perhaps precise drilling or intricate milling tasks are your focus?

  • Cutting: If clean, precise cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is your priority, explore ELMAG's bandsaws. Choose the size that best suits your workspace and project complexity.

  • Turning: For creating intricate parts and performing a multitude of turning operations, ELMAG lathes offer exceptional control and precision. Consider the size of workpieces you'll handle and choose a benchtop model for smaller projects or a floor-standing lathe for larger endeavours.

  • Drilling: Clean, accurate holes are essential in metalworking. ELMAG drill presses come in various sizes and configurations. For delicate tasks, a smaller benchtop drill press might suffice, while heavy-duty drilling applications may necessitate a larger floor-standing model with variable speed control to tailor drilling to specific materials.

  • Milling: ELMAG gear milling machines offer exceptional control and accuracy for projects requiring precise surface finishing, intricate contouring, or keyway cutting. Evaluate the complexity of your milling needs and choose the machine that best suits your requirements.

2. Consider Your Skill Level:

Are you a seasoned metalworker seeking to expand your capabilities, or a budding enthusiast taking the first steps? ELMAG caters to both ends of the spectrum.

  • Beginners: Starting with user-friendly tools like a smaller benchtop lathe or drill press can be ideal. These offer a manageable learning curve and allow you to hone your skills before tackling more complex equipment like floor-standing lathes or gear milling machines.

  • Experienced Users: For seasoned metalworkers, ELMAG offers a wider range of powerful and feature-rich tools. Explore larger floor-standing lathes, advanced gear milling machines, and heavy-duty drill presses with variable speed control to handle more demanding projects.

3. Don't Forget the Accessories:

ELMAG offers a comprehensive range of drill bits, bandsaw blades, lathe tooling, workholding solutions, and safety equipment. These accessories enhance the functionality of your ELMAG tools and allow you to tackle a wider variety of metalworking tasks with greater control and precision.

Expert Advice and Support

Have questions or need assistance in choosing the right product for your needs? Our team of experts is here to help!



FAQs About ELMAG Machines

1. Are ELMAG Machines Easy to Use?

ELMAG prioritises user-friendliness. Many of their machines incorporate clear controls, well-written manuals, and intuitive designs. This makes them suitable for both seasoned metalworkers seeking efficient operation and those new to the craft. ELMAG fosters a welcoming environment for metalworking enthusiasts of all experience levels.

2. How Do I Choose the Right ELMAG Machine?

The right ELMAG machine depends on your metalworking needs and skill level. Consider the types of projects you'll tackle (cutting, turning, drilling, milling) and choose the corresponding machine (bandsaw, lathe, drill press, gear milling machine).

Evaluate project complexity and your experience level (beginner, experienced) to determine the size and feature set that best suits you. Don't forget to explore compatible accessories to expand your capabilities.

3. Are ELMAG Machines Durable?

Absolutely! ELMAG prioritises longevity. High-grade materials and robust construction ensure their machines can withstand demanding projects. They offer exceptional durability, guaranteeing a reliable investment for years to come.

4. Does ELMAG Offer Support Beyond the Machine?

ELMAG understands the metalworking journey extends beyond the machine. They offer a wealth of resources to support your growth. Explore project ideas and tutorials specifically designed for ELMAG machinery. \

Additionally, our knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions and provide expert advice. You can also connect with online metalworking communities to share experiences and expand your knowledge base.

5. Where Can I Find Warranty Information for ELMAG Machines?

Warranty information for ELMAG machines can vary depending on the specific model and your region. We recommend checking the product page of the ELMAG machine you're interested in or contacting our team directly for the most up-to-date warranty details.

Our Full Range of ELMAG Machines