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DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-100

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Expand Your Production Power with DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-100: Heavy-Duty Precision and Versatility

Overview of the DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-100

The DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-100 elevates industrial pressing capabilities with a substantial 100-ton capacity. This press combines lever-controlled operation for straightforward movement with manual precision via a side hand pump, ensuring both ease of use and exacting control. The movable head broadens operational flexibility, and its robust fully welded steel frame supports extensive daily use without strain. Standard V-blocks and chains for height adjustment underscore the press’s readiness for a range of tasks, from simple to complex fabrications.

DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-100

Features of the DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-100

  • 100 ton capacity - Empowers your workshop to handle significantly larger and more challenging projects.
  • Moveable head - Enhances versatility for working with different sizes and types of materials.
  • V-blocks as standard - Facilitates secure positioning and handling of workpieces.
  • Powered or manually operated - Offers flexibility to switch between quick operation and detailed control.
  • Pressure gauge - Provides precise monitoring for consistent performance.
  • Compact and sturdy - Designed to optimize workspace usage while ensuring durability.
DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-100 Press Detail

Specifications of the DIMAKIN Workshop Press WSP-100

Specs Features
Capacity 100 ton
Working Size 1010mm x 300mm
Stroke 400mm
Daylight 900mm
Motor Power 4kW
Pump Capacity 11 litres
Working Speed 7.12mm/s
Return Speed 13.42mm/s
Size 850mm (L) x 1600mm (W) x 2450mm (H)
Weight 1000kgs
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