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DIMAKIN Tube Polisher TP-80

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Refine Your Metalwork with DIMAKIN Tube Polisher TP-80: Precise Polishing for Complex Shapes

Overview of the DIMAKIN Tube Polisher TP-80

The DIMAKIN Tube Polisher TP-80 is engineered for precision polishing of round tubes with tight bend radii, ranging from 10mm to 76mm in diameter. Its dual belt, planetary motion system ensures even and efficient polishing across all tube surfaces, making it especially suited for curved tubes that challenge other machines. Integrated front and back material rests, equipped with a measuring scale, facilitate easy setup and consistent results, enhancing productivity while maintaining high-quality standards. Safety is prioritized with a readily accessible emergency stop compliant with CE standards.

DIMAKIN Tube Polisher TP-80

Features of the DIMAKIN Tube Polisher TP-80

  • Dual belt operation - Ensures comprehensive coverage and uniform finish.
  • Abrasive belt speed - Adjustable from 10 to 25 m/s for various polishing needs.
  • Material centring assist scale - Allows for quick and accurate setup.
  • Front and back material supports - Provide stability and ease of handling during operation.
  • Waste disposal/dust extraction exhaust - Keeps the working environment clean and safe.
  • Self-stabilising feet - Ensure the machine remains steady during use.
  • Optional automatic feeder - Increases efficiency for straight tubes finishing.
Switch of DIMAKIN Tube Polisher TP-80

Specifications of the DIMAKIN Tube Polisher TP-80

Specs Features
Capacity 10mm – 76mm Ø
Abrasive Belt Dimensions 25mm x 860mm (x2)
Abrasive Belt Speed 10 – 25 m/s
Abrasive Belts Motor 2.2kW
Wheel Motor 1.5kW
Consumption 13A
Dust Extraction Connection 80mm Ø
Dimensions 750mm x 1000mm x 1300mm
Weight 230kgs
Control Panel of DIMAKIN Tube Polisher TP-80