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DIMAKIN Tube Deburrer TD-120

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Enhance Finishing Quality with DIMAKIN Tube Deburrer TD-120: Swift and Safe Deburring Technology

Overview of the DIMAKIN Tube Deburrer TD-120

The DIMAKIN Tube Deburrer TD-120 is designed to efficiently clean and smooth out the sharp edges on various types of metal profiles, including tubes and custom extrusions. It features a unique double rotation brush system that quickly removes burrs from both the inside and outside surfaces in seconds, making it ideal for high-volume production environments. This machine's capabilities extend to complex and detailed profiles, providing uniform deburring across a range of sizes, from small to large diameters, ensuring all finished products are burr-free and safe to handle.

DIMAKIN Tube Deburrer TD-120

Features of the DIMAKIN Tube Deburrer TD-120

  • 10mm – 120mm Ø capacity - Covers a wide range of tube sizes for versatile deburring operations.
  • Three steel brushes - Provide comprehensive deburring by rotating both individually and as a group around the tube.
  • CE compliant emergency stops - Enhances safety with quick stop capabilities in case of an emergency.
  • Adjustable and locking material opening - Allows for precise placement and secure processing of materials.
  • Inbuilt waste collection/dust extraction bucket - Keeps the workspace clean and minimizes cleanup time.
  • Self-stabilising feet - Ensure the machine remains stable and reduces vibrations during operation.
  • Automatic shut off sensors - Improves safety by ensuring the machine operates only when all panels are securely closed.
Switch of DIMAKIN Tube Deburrer TD-120

Specifications of the DIMAKIN Tube Deburrer TD-120

Specs Features
Working Capacity 10mm – 120mm Ø
Abrasive Brush Dimensions 60mm x 250mm Ø (x3)
Abrasive Brush Speed 18+35 m/s
Abrasive Brush Motor Per Head 3 kW
Total Power 3.5 kW
Consumption 8 A
Dimensions 1140mm x 670mm x 1400mm
Weight 505kgs
Control Panel of DIMAKIN Tube Deburrer TD-120