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DIMAKIN Mirror Tube Polisher MTP-115

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Achieve Flawless Finishes with DIMAKIN Mirror Tube Polisher MTP-115: Perfect Polishing for Premium Products

Overview of the DIMAKIN Mirror Tube Polisher MTP-115

The DIMAKIN Mirror Tube Polisher MTP-115 is expertly crafted for polishing tubes to a mirror finish, making it essential for fabrications where aesthetics are crucial, such as lightbars and handrails. Its three planetary polishing wheels ensure an even and comprehensive finish by not only spinning independently but also rotating around the tube. This machine's innovative design, including semi-automatic soap application and foot pedal operation, simplifies the polishing process while ensuring exceptional results and operator safety with its advanced emergency stop and stable design.

DIMAKIN Mirror Tube Polisher MTP-115

Features of the DIMAKIN Mirror Tube Polisher MTP-115

  • Three planetary polishing mop wheels - Ensures uniform polishing and a mirror finish on all sides of the tube.
  • Semi-automatic soap application - Streamlines the polishing process, ensuring consistent application for optimal results.
  • Foot pedal operation - Allows hands-free control, enhancing safety and precision.
  • Extra large emergency stop - Provides quick and easy access in case of emergency, enhancing operator safety.
  • Front and back material support - Offers stability and accurate placement of materials during operation.
  • Material centring assist scale - Facilitates quick adjustments and perfect alignment.
  • Self stabilising feet - Improves machine stability, reducing vibration and enhancing performance.
Switch of DIMAKIN Mirror Tube Polisher MTP-115

Specifications of the DIMAKIN Mirror Tube Polisher MTP-115

Specs Features
Working Capacity 40mm – 114mm Ø
Polishing Wheels Speed Up to 35 m/s
Polishing Wheels Dimensions 180mm – 240mm Ø (x3)
Polishing Wheels Motor 5.5 kW
Wheel Motor 0.37 kW
Consumption 22 A
Dimensions 1250mm x 1250mm x 1550mm
Weight 420kg
Control Panel of DIMAKIN Mirror Tube Polisher MTP-115